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ASPNetFlash Demo: DataBinding

This demonstration shows a DataBound Flash slide show. The slide data is read from an SQL Database and passed into the Flash Movie as an ActionScript Recordset Object.

download demo source code download demo source code

One-Step DataBinding

    ASPNetFlash is a DataBound WebControl.  When a Data Source is affixed to the ASPNetFlash object, data from that source is read, encoded, and passed into the Flash movie when run.  The following .NET DataSource controls are supported for databinding with Flash:
  • XMLDataSource (Passed into Flash as XML)
  • SiteMapDataSource (Passed into Flash as XML)
  • ObjectDataSource (Passed into Flash as a Record Set)
  • AccessDataSource (Passed into Flash as a Record Set)
  • SQLDataSource (Passed into Flash as a Record Set)

Welcome to ASPNetFlash DataBind to .NET DataSources

    Additionally, the DataSource variable can be directly set to any of the following objects:

  • XMLReader
  • TextReader
  • XMLDocument